C. E. Brock in Olde Fashioned’s Rendition

There is something uniquely elegant about old illustrations. Charles Edmund Brock should be familiar to many an Austen lover. The editions of Austen’s six novels illustrated by him are now in the public domain, and that gives us new treats.

Olde Fashioned is a young, talented artist who breathed new life in his drawings, turning them into beautiful wallpapers and icons.

The famous letters of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wentworth were reproduced by her in the Jane Austen font and combined with relevant Brock’s illustrations, in order to create exquisite wallpapers to Janeites’ heart content.

Will You Do Me the Honour...

Will You Do Me the Honour...

He Placed It Before Anne...

He Placed It Before Anne...

Olde Fashioned created many gorgeous icons. Some of them you might have already seen, as I eagerly use them to illustrate my posts. Here’s just a teaser, but you’ll find many more at her LiveJournal.


If you browse other categories at her blog you’ll be rewarded with beautiful icons and wallpapers from the Regency era, including fashion plates and paintings.




This one is adorable.

Not Just a Thing of the Past

Not Just a Thing of the Past

I like to think Elizabeth Bennet was similar to that lady.

If you find them to your liking remember to let Olde Fashioned know about your choice and give her all the credit that’s her due. I’m simply overjoyed and thankful that those less talented among us can be granted access to such wonderful works.

If you’re looking for more illustrations by Brock, you’ll find a thorough collection of them at Solitary Elegance. Pride and Prejudice is coming soon. I can’t wait!

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