Godmersham House

Some time ago I wrote a post about Chevening Park being considered the model for Rosings Park. Now I came across another JASNA article by Joan Austen-Leigh, claiming that it was Godmersham Park. I absolutely love all the speculations, even though I assume that Austen would be creative enough to build a house in her own imagination rather than copy an existing one. If you ask me Rosings would be more showy.

Godmersham House

Godmersham House

However, it’s always interesting to see the old houses, since they provide examples of the norm back then. For more information and pictures from Godmersham House see Chris Coyle’s article in Jane Austen’s Regency World.

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4 thoughts on “Godmersham House

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  2. Well done Silwya. You always find interesting materials to read and discuss about. I too find this proposal a bit under “the grandeur” Mr Collins feel proud to show to his visitor, Lizzie Bennet.Have a nice weekend!

  3. Jane and Maria, thank you both for your comments. Rosings is said to have external stairs, so I imagine it’d have the piano nobile on the first floor. 😉

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