P&P on the Rocks

Excerpts of my longer and longest Pride and Prejudice fanfiction.

The links below will take you to 50 Miles of Good Road where all of my stories are posted. (The site requires registration, but it’s free and takes only seconds.)

1. Silent Water

I have not seen him since he gave me his letter in Kent.

Much has changed since then. My former opinions about him were now but a lingering sense of shame. Ever since I heard that he would come to Jane’s wedding I have hoped and dreaded the encounter.

I did not know what his thoughts about me were now. His feelings, if any. All I knew was that I owed him apology. My character demanded it.

This morning I walked the path to Netherfield in the hope of meeting him. I saw him from afar. He stopped his horse. A slight nod as an acknowledgement of our acquaintance.

“Mr. Darcy,” I began anxiously, “I would like to tell you how sorry I am for the things I said back then. I did not realise I could not be more mistaken.”

He looked at me, hesitantly, and I wondered if he was curious to hear me at all, or only conscious of the discomfort that my revisiting the past had to bring to the both of us.

“Please, do not make yourself uneasy about that. It is all forgotten.”

I nodded and watched him go away. What did I think he would say? One cannot come twice to the same water. read more…

8 thoughts on “P&P on the Rocks

  1. Dear Sylwia,
    I was trying to register at ’50 miles of good road’, but the functionality did not work. I have sent a question to the administrator, but received no response. Does it mean they are not accepting registration any longer?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Sylwia! I would love to read your story Silent Water. I wonder if there is any other place where I could find it since 50 Miles is closed. Thank you!

  3. hi sylwia, i, too, am interested in re-reading your story, silent water. it’s one of my all-time favorites. any chance you’d repost it at another site? or email a copy?

  4. Hello

    I came back to re-read Scotch and Sirens, and all of your other wonderful work. Is there a way to purchase, if it is no longer available online? I would gladly own this excellent work of fanfiction.

    With hopeful heart,
    Miss Meliss

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