Icons and Graphics

Go to Austenette Picture Gallery

A collection of paintings, illustrations, drawings and sculptures from the long Eighteenth century, including the Regency era. Pictures are arranged into thematic galleries.

The beautiful icons I use to illustrate my articles come from:

  1. Austen Lims
  2. Austen Stills
  3. Coffeecup
  4. Come Daylight
  5. Costume Awards
  6. Costume Stills
  7. Crimson Ink
  8. Etincellement
  9. Evening Sky
  10. Good Austen Icons
  11. Gossymer
  12. Granias
  13. Ingenu0us
  14. Mefan
  15. Mooie Ogen
  16. Olde Fashionedja_lovebanner_brock_
  17. Pastpending
  18. PW Graphics (Shmarollyn)
  19. Rich Desire
  20. Sheer Elegance
  21. Spikesbint
  22. Summer Kisses
  23. Sweet Tea
  24. Tikketyboo
  25. Whitegoldpearls

Jane Austen font

Find beautiful illustrations to Austen’s novels at:

  1. Austenette @ DeviantArt
  2. Austen Illustrators @ Austenprose

Let me know if I missed anyone or recommend more artists.

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