Austenette Worlds

Austenette is a series of blogs relating to the long 18th century, expanding on my special interest in Jane Austen, British architecture, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Austenette Worlds is a directory allowing you to browse Austenette blogs. My interest began with Jane Austen and the Regency era. With time it evolved into other domains, including history, literature and architecture. My various blogs are meant to expand on those topics. If you are interested in receiving updates on all of my Austenette posts, it’s enough if you subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter. If your interests lay in a narrower domain you can subscribe to one or more of my single blogs below.

Mending My Own Pen is a blog where I write random entries about Austen’s novels and ideas present in her times. At this moment my focus is largely on Pride and Prejudice. I’m familiar with all of Austen’s writings, but, as Austen would put it, I am in a fair way of soon knowing P&P by heart. I’ll move to her other novels when I tire of this one, but I don’t think there’s any danger of its happening in the near future.

In the Regency Writings Repository I store original texts written before and during Austen’s times. Texts Austen and her contemporaries might have read and found influential. So far you’ll find Mary Wollstonecraft, Daniel Defoe and Samuel Richardson there, among others.

Austenette Picture Gallery

A collection of paintings, illustrations, drawings and sculptures from the long Eighteenth century, including the Regency era. Pictures are arranged into thematic galleries.
British Architecture

Focused on the Georgian Period, this blogs traces developments, inventions, fashions, ideas and influences in architecture, interior decoration and landscape gardening from medieval times to the early 19th century.

Serenissima Res Publica

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth existed from 1569 to 1795, when it was partitioned by its neighbours. I intend to write about its history, culture, people, fashions, politics, laws, philosophy, religions and literature. I hope to create short biographies of Polish women. The time scope will likely stretch to include the 19th century. Although Poland and Lithuania did not exist at that time, its peoples did, and their life effort was to bring their old motherland back to life.

The Commonwealth was a unique country in Europe, full of paradoxes, unusual laws and attitudes. It was renowned for its politics of tolerance and lack of censure. Its citizens favoured their Golden Freedoms above all. Its history went against the grain of that of the rest of Europe where monarchs strengthened their power over their noble class. But, in times when European countries inclined towards absolutism and imperialism, the Commonwealth declined into anarchy, and not even the great 18th century reforms managed to prevent its annihilation. Yet, many of its past quirks are today’s norms in any democratic society. The history may appear surprising, fascinating, and educative.

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