Year’s Summary

It’s time to sum up the year.  This blog was started on July 24, 2008. Since then it was viewed 4,755 times, the best day being September 18 with 159 views. The number of posts so far is 17 (not counting this one), with 35 comments in 13 categories, and 46 spam comments caught by Askimet (who knows what was there?!). Additionally there are 6 pages created.

The number of views of particular posts and pages shows that the major interest of those who came here doesn’t necessarily concur with mine. Unsurprisingly the most viewed posts refer to the rather not ingenious tv series Lost in Austen.

Lost in Austen Lost, Again 588 More stats
Will the Bond Girl Become Darcy’s Girl? 532 More stats
Lost in Austen – Episode 1 458 More stats
Anne de Bourgh and Georgiana Darcy 169 More stats
You Know That You Created Mary Sue When. 156 More stats
Darcy’s Pride 142 More stats
About Me 78 More stats
(Not)Dancing With One’s Wife 69 More stats
The Habits of Gentlemen 68 More stats
Ballroom Etiquette 66 More stats
To M 63 More stats
Jane Austen Nude 59 More stats
A Snifter of P&P 56 More stats
Zizek About Austen 52 More stats
P&P on Rocks 46 More stats
The Habits of Gentlemen 43 More stats
Books and Papers Online 39 More stats
To M 36 More stats
Caroline and Darcy’s Joint Wishes 35 More stats
Innocence and Ignorance 34 More stats
Chevening Park = Rosings Park 32 More stats
Silent Water 23 More stats
Huet’s Treatise on the Origin of Novels 8

Good news is that there were over 100 people interested in posts refering to the interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, and well over 50 wanted to read about Regency etiquette. Fewer read fanfiction, but then those aren’t new stories and they had well over thousand readers elsewhere, while the purpose of this blog is Austen and her work.

Most likely in the approaching months I’ll write a chapter by chapter commentary on Pride and Prejudice, but what do you want to read about? Here’s a small poll that might give me a better understanding of people’s interests. You can choose multiple answers.

Thank you, and a Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Year’s Summary

  1. Sylwia, not a surprise for me that Lost in Austen drew the most hits. Often times, when something is new or evokes thought, others want info and opinons. Like you, my most popular post is my review of Mansfield Park (2007) movie adaptation which was my least favorite of The Complete Jane Austen season last year. I’m sure people are grateful for your insights, so keep up the good work.

    Cheers, LA

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel Ann. I’m sure you’re right. In fact I was surprised those posts drew so many hits.

    The 2007 Mansfield Park was so bad that I watched half of it bored, and the other appalled, until I finally lost it at Edmund’s proposal. I simply laughed out loud.

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